Saturday, June 15

OnePlus Lifts the Veil of the First Tablet

That OnePlus will unveil its latest flagship smartphone later today has been known for some time.

The manufacturer had another surprise in store. First, we glimpse the OnePlus Pad – OnePlus’ first tablet in a teaser video. It will also see the light of day this Tuesday.

We don’t get much wiser from that teaser, by the way. Instead, we see a green tablet, the same Eternal Green of the 11 5G, with a reasonably large camera on the back. The device can also be operated with a stylus, but it is unclear whether OnePlus supplies it as standard.

There is also, probably optional, a magnetic keyboard available for the OnePlus Pad. The price and other details have not yet been announced. The launch of the new devices can be followed live from 3 pm via this YouTube channel.

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