Sunday, May 26

New Suspects in Italy Cable Car Disaster Investigation

Italian prosecutors have new suspects in the picture in the investigation into the deadly cable car disaster in the country’s north. The number of suspects has risen to fourteen. Earlier, three managers of the company that manages the cable car were arrested.


Among the new suspects are employees of the South Tyrolean cable car manufacturer Leitner. The manufacturer is said to have carried out work and checks at the cable car in Italy. Fourteen people died on May 23 when the cabin they were in crashed.

The cable car in question takes passengers from the village of Stresa to the 1500-meter high Mottarone mountain.

Unfortunately, a cabin crashed near the top due to a cable break, the cause of which is not yet known. The emergency brake should have prevented the accident, but the managers had deliberately disabled it because it caused technical problems on several occasions.

Fourteen of the fifteen occupants of the cabin were killed. Only a 5-year-old Israeli survived. The victim lost his parents, a brother and his great-grandparents in the accident. After a long stay in the hospital, he was taken in by his aunt, who lives in Italy.

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