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Mayor Bucha: Most Victims Shot Dead

According to the mayor of the Ukrainian city of Bucha, which the Russians occupied for a while, 320 bodies have now been found in the city. Most bodies have gunshot wounds.


Reports of war crimes also come from neighbouring Irpin, where the Russians also withdrew.

About 90 percent of the civilians killed in Butsha had gunshot wounds, and the mayor told German media. “It strengthens the evidence that the Russian armed forces committed war crimes” in the suburb of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, local authorities say. The images of the atrocities have already led to stricter sanctions from Western countries.

It is the intention that the bodies from Boetsja will be examined by specialists. “The number of bodies found is increasing every day,” said the mayor. “Because they are found on private property, in parks and in places where it was possible to bury the bodies when there was no shelling,” Russia claims that the photos from Bucha were staged.

The mayor of neighbouring Irpin also accuses the Russians of serious war crimes. First, Russian troops separated the men from the women and children. “They shot those who disobeyed,” the mayor said. The dead were then deliberately run over by tanks. “We scraped the corpses from the asphalt with shovels.”

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