Sunday, May 26

LG Introduces Vertical Monitor Especially for Home Workers

The South Korean tech giant LG surprises in the run-up to the CES fair with the DualUp Monitor: a screen ‘in height’ that offers as much work surface as two 21.5-inch displays. The manufacturer mainly aims at ‘modern home workers’ with the new hardware.


The LG DualUp (model 28MQ780) includes a Nano IPS display with a 16:18 ratio, which the manufacturer says is a first in the monitor market. With its Square Double QHD resolution, good for 2,560 x 2,880 pixels, the screen has as much space as two classic 21.5-inch monitors stacked on top of each other. The DualUp itself has a screen diagonal of 27.6 inches.

The advantage of the new type of screen, according to LG, is that the user has to make less frequent side-to-side head movements, which is a major cause of neck complaints.

A useful function of the screen is Vertical Split Screen, which allows the user to superimpose the images from two sources (e.g. a notebook and desktop PC). For this, the device has, among other things, two HDMI connections, a DisplayPort connector and USB-C connectivity. In addition, the DualUp’s USB Hub offers 2x downstream and 1x upstream.

Other screen features include 300 nits brightness, 1,000:1 contrast ratio, 5ms response time, HDR10 support and 7 watt integrated speakers. In addition, the special LG Ergo stand is height adjustable and can be clamped to most desks.

The LG DualUp Monitor already won an Innovation Award in the run-up to CES 2022. However, the manufacturer has not yet announced a target price.

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