Saturday, June 15

Kremlin: Grain Shipments are Much More Dangerous Without Russia

Ukraine’s grain deal can hardly be implemented now that Russia has decided to suspend the deal. Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov told reporters on Monday. As a result, grain transport has become “much more dangerous”, it is warned.

Russia on Saturday suspended its participation in the agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain. Moscow was responding to a drone attack allegedly aimed at Russian ships in Crimea. Nevertheless, despite the Russian withdrawal, several grain freighters left Ukrainian ports on Monday through a secure corridor.

Russia argues that grain transport has become much more dangerous, making it virtually impossible in practice to carry out the grain deal. “In circumstances where Russia talks about the impossibility of guaranteeing safe shipping in the areas indicated, such a deal can hardly be implemented. This is because it takes on a different character, much riskier, more dangerous and not guaranteed,” Peskov is quoted by the Russian news agency Tass.

It is not yet clear, according to Peskov, under which conditions Russia will again rally behind the deal. “I can’t answer that question yet,” he says. “Contacts” with the UN and with Turkey “continue”.

The grain deal between Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the United Nations came about in July after lengthy negotiations. It was intended that millions of tons of grain, which had been blocked in Ukrainian ports by the Russian war, could be exported to make up for the shortages on the world market.

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