Thursday, May 23

Italian Factories Remain Closed Until the Second Half of April

Factories in Italy closed due to coronavirus are likely to remain closed until the second half of April, Italian media reported.


Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte previously announced that he wants to pull out of the economy by gradually putting specific sectors back to work.

He told the BBC that by the end of the month, he wants to start to alleviate the restrictions imposed to stem the spread of the new coronavirus.

The flattening of the rise in the number of corona patients is seen in Italy as a reason to restart the economy. But this start-up certainly will not happen before April 14, officials in Rome expect.

According to union officials who are consulting with the government, the Conte government plans to extend the lockdown at least until May 3. But some factories may reopen in late April.

The number of patients and the number of deaths meanwhile increased further in Italy. The country had 610 deaths on Thursday, about 70 more than the previous day.

The number of new infections was more than 4,200. The day before, 3,836 had fallen. It was a sad balance for the country hoping to get over the worst.

More than 143,000 infections have already been diagnosed, and at least 18,279 patients have succumbed to the effects of the virus.

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