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IOC Presents Definitive Version of Corona Script for Games

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has released the definitive handbook full of rules that athletes and officials must adhere to during the Olympics.


The third edition contains some changes and additions compared to the previous two manuals published by the IOC. As was already known, the athletes must be tested daily for the coronavirus during the Games.

Anyone travelling to Japan for the Games must be tested twice within 96 hours of departure.

Upon arrival, a so-called saliva test awaits at the airport. In the first three days, everyone (athletes, officials, trainers, journalists) must do such a saliva test every day; for the athletes and officials, this will remain a daily routine during the Games.

Those who do not follow all the rules in the manual, which consists of seventy pages, can even be disqualified from the Games. The global sporting event kicks off on July 23.

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