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How to Protect and Care for Your Skin During Summer Days

Throughout the year it is essential to take good care of your skin and to protect it. But especially on sunny days, this is important. Besides, sunbathing ensures dry skin. We, therefore, give tips.

It is vital that you apply yourself every two to three hours, on sunny days with a factor of thirty. Furthermore, there is ‘water-resistant’ on many sun creams. Sunscreen on which this is on, on average stays longer than sunscreen where this is not on, but all water resistant is none of them. Therefore, lubricate yourself again after swimming.

Drink a lot of water
If you are in the sun, especially if you are elderly, the risk of an accelerated hyaluronic acid breakdown is high. The result is dry skin. Heat and high humidity, which you have to deal with on summer days, also contribute to this. To prevent dry skin, it is advisable to drink extra water in addition to your well-being.

Allow your skin to cool
To cool down your skin after sunbath and to replenish the moisture that you have lost, after-sun is not a luxury. Oil is entirely natural and therefore does not irritate. Also, the natural fatty acids in it ensure that your skin is hydrated.

Argan oil as a natural moisturiser
In keeping with the previous tip: if you have dry skin, argan oil can serve as a natural moisturiser. It moisturises and keeps your skin supple. Also, the vitamin E that it contains ensures that old cells die sooner and that new cells are replaced sooner. This makes your skin look and feel young and fresh.

Leave ice cream
No matter how tempting, leave ice creams and other unhealthy food to the left. To get a skin you say to you, and it helps to eat as healthy and varied as possible. Useful for a peach skin include water, avocados, salmon, spinach, nuts and seeds. Alcohol, salt, sugar, fast carbs and coffee are a no go.

Jump under a warm shower
Do not jump under a hot shower. This will dry out your skin considerably. Choose a little warm shower instead. Most people go under an ice-cold shower after a beach day. The disadvantage of this is that due to this sudden shock, there is insufficient heat leaving your body after showering. This will make you sweat quickly again.

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