Sunday, May 26

Horror Story from the US: Three Brothers Live for Years Next to the Body of A Deceased Brother (9)

Three brothers, ages 15, 10 and 7, have lived in an apartment in Texas with the body of their dead brother for a year. The police confirmed this on the spot. In addition, the three were malnourished and injured.


The eldest of the three children made the hallucinatory phone call to the police in Houston, Texas, on Sunday afternoon. His nine-year-old brother had been dead for a year, and his body has been in their apartment ever since he says.

The officers immediately went to the spot and found three brothers and the remains of their brother. “It looks like the body remains have been there for a long time,” Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said. The boys had been abandoned by their parents, it seems. “They took care of each other. The eldest took care of his two younger brothers.” It is unclear whether any of the three brothers went to school.

What is clear is that the three were neglected. They were malnourished and had physical injuries, police said. They were taken to the hospital and treated there.

The mother of the children and her boyfriend have since been questioned. However, it is not clear what that has resulted in.

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