Saturday, June 15

Google Prohibits Android Apps That Sell Weed

Google Prohibits Android apps that sell Weed. Android apps offered in the Google Play Store may no longer sell marijuana to users.


It is stated in new policy rules for the app store.

“We do not allow apps that facilitate the sale of marijuana or marijuana products,”

 Google writes in the new rules.

“Regardless of whether it is legal to sell this.”

Apps cannot sell weed.

Also, it is forbidden to create an app that helps pick up marijuana at an external location.

The company tells Gizmodo that developers are given 30 days to adjust apps.

If this does not happen, the apps will be removed from the Play Store.

It is not apparent why Google is introducing the new rule.

The tech giant did post a blog post at the time of the policy change,

 stating that Google is trying to make the Play Store more child-friendly.

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