Thursday, May 23

Germany Labels UK A Risk Due to Indian Corona Variant

Germany plans to declare the United Kingdom a risk area because of the extra contagious Indian variant of the coronavirus that is circulating there.


The decision can already be taken this Friday, and sources tell Reuters news agency.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday expressed concern about the mutation referred to as B.1.617.2. He said that he could not rule out that measures would have to be taken to reduce the sharp rise in the number of infections with this variant.

Due to the vigorous vaccination campaign in the United Kingdom, nearly seven in ten adults have had the first vaccination there, and more than a third have also had the second. The rate of vaccination may be accelerated in regions where the Indian variant has been discovered.

The RIVM reported on Wednesday that the Indian variant was found four times in the Netherlands. To prevent further spread, the Netherlands has halted air traffic with India.

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