Sunday, May 26

Even More Areas in Great Britain Locked by Corona Variant

The UK government has once again introduced the strictest measures against the coronavirus spread in more areas of England.


This measure is necessary because the highly contagious variant of the virus is emerging in more countries.

Previously, the strictest measures already applied to the capital London and the area around it, and since Boxing Day for large parts of the south of the country.

Health Minister Matt Hancock announced that in the Midlands, the North East of England and parts of the North West and South West, the most challenging category of measures would take effect from 00:01 Thursday.

The shops must be closed, and hospitals are closed for other care. Families should not have contact with other families. According to Hancock, three-quarters of the English population is now under the strictest measures.

“The National Health Service (NHS) is under serious pressure. There are currently more than 21,000 people in hospital because of the coronavirus,” said the minister. It is therefore unfortunately necessary to introduce the strictest rules for a larger area. “

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