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Essential Checks to Include in Your Flat Roof Inspection

Before winter hit your home and start covering your surrounding with the heap of snow, it’s essential to ensure complete safety of your home. The most significant impact of winter is made on your roof, and hence, you should always try to get it maintained/repaired with no time delay.

However, the biggest hassle arises when the winters are about to hit your doorstep, but you aren’t prepared. In a short span, it’s tough to find a flat roof expert in Edinburgh.

Interestingly the typical life of a high-quality roof is 4-5 decades. However, regular inspection and maintenance are a must. Yet many homeowners skip this task and end up with heavy repairs in a single go. For more info on how to find one such roofing repair and maintenance company.

So, you should always run a self-inspection of your roof and encounter possible issues that require immediate attention. But, without prior knowledge, how can you do the detailed inspection?

Don’t worry! Below listed are the pointers that you should always include in your flat roof inspection.

Check for Possible Leakage:

This is the fundamental point that is included foremost in any checklist. After a storm or unpleasant weather, it’s essential to check the possibility of still water and any leakage that has just started penetrating your roof. If left unattended, the leakage can begin affecting your internal roof water/power connections, which is always dangerous.

Check for Seals:

You already know the use of seals that creates a waterproof system on your concrete roof or synthetic membrane. However, with time, the seal loses its grip and allows water passage between the joints. So, you should check entire seals installed on your flat roof and ensure no cracks or deteriorated seal is present. If encountered, that should be treated immediately.

Check Blocked Drains:

After every storm in your region, it’s crucial to check the drainage system and downspout to ensure no blockage is present. Debris, dead leaves are the primary cause of blocked drains. Hence, you should always check the drains and clear the passage (if required). Neglected blocked drains can develop too many unexpected issues, including leakage, deterioration of the gutter, or still water on the roof.

Check for Moulds & Fungus:

Moulds and fungus most commonly grow in a condensed area. Therefore, if you encounter their presence, you would majorly have any condensed area that needs immediate attention. Condensation and moisture are two prominent reasons behind moulds, fungus, and algae growth. So, check all possible interior and exterior areas for their presence and treat the area before they cause damage to your roof.

So, these are the must-to-follow checks that you should always do for a flat roof inspection. If you cannot find time for inspection, don’t forget to call a flat roofing contractor. They are professionals who are committed to treating every issue in the best possible way. Above all, they will help you get a long-lasting flat roof that will continue protecting your family.


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