Thursday, May 23

Erdogan Asks Turks in Europe for Record Number of Votes

Erdogan Asks Turks in Europe for Record Number of Votes. In Germany, President Erdogan was not allowed to appear, and now the election campaigner evaded Sarajevo. Thousands of foreigners were called upon to give terror organisations and their henchmen an “Ottoman slap” – by choosing Erdogan in June, reports The English News.


Just over a month before the elections in Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has asked the Turks abroad for massive support.

“Are you willing to miss the terrorist organisations and their local and foreign stooges an Ottoman slap?” Erdogan told thousands of cheering Turks living in the Bosnian Sarajevo. “Are you willing to encourage me with a record number of votes in the presidential election?” The administrative and parliamentary elections on June 24, it is about a judgment “for the next centenary of our country”.

According to the Union of Turkish-European Democrats (UETD), more than 10 000 foreign nationals had travelled to Sarajevo, about half of them from Germany. The UETD had organised Erdogan’s so far only planned campaign appearance in other European countries. Erdogan said: “Are you ready to demonstrate to the world the strength of European Turks?” He urged the Turks living abroad to “. Give from Germany, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands from a response that can be heard anywhere in Europe.”

Erdogan called his supporters abroad to expand their influence there. “Take the citizenship of the countries you live in,” he said. “I ask that you take an active role in the political parties in the countries where you live. You should be a part of these parliaments, not those who betray their country. “Erdogan has attacked the Turkish-born member of parliament, such as the Green Party politician Cem Ozdemir in the past who criticise his policies.

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