Thursday, May 23

AMD is Working on a Solution for Stuttering PCs on Windows 11

After complaints that have persisted for several months, AMD acknowledges that PCs can falter with their chips in combination with Windows 11. A BIOS update with a solution will be released in the coming months.


Since the release of Windows 11, reports have been popping up that certain PCs with an AMD Ryzen chip are experiencing hiccups. AMD is now formally responding to this for the first time and confirming the problem.

According to the company, some systems running Ryzen do an extended fTPM memory transaction in SPI flash memory on the motherboard. Therefore, the system may pause or not respond until that transaction is completed.

AMD comes up with two possible solutions. First, the affected systems will receive a BIOS update for the motherboard in the first case. It is an update based on AMD AGESA 1207. AMD expects it to appear from May, but it may also be later because the rollout and availability depend on each motherboard (and its manufacturer).

A second option, especially for those who don’t want to wait, is to switch from the built-in TPM module to a separate TPM module that you can buy and install. TPM is a specific encryption chip that is required in some cases for Windows 11. Most modern motherboards have this as standard, but it is also possible to put it as a separate module in your PC.

The main obstacle here is that this expansion offers a solution mainly for desktops and that you must have a TPM module that is suitable for your motherboard.

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