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Airline Company Transavia Flies Less to Italy Due to Coronavirus

Airline company Transavia flies to Italy less often due to the new coronavirus. Due to the virus outbreak, the demand for air travel to the country is falling so fast that the budget subsidiary of Air France-KLM is scrapping a tenth of its flights to Italy.


From 17 March to the end of April, Transavia flies less frequently to the Italian cities of Verona, Pisa, Bari, Bologna and Naples. In total, the airline takes 22 return flights from its flight schedule for Italy.

Passengers whose flights are cancelled can rebook them for free. They also have the option to get the money refunded for their ticket.

Italy is the hardest hit in Europe by the coronavirus.

Although the Netherlands only gives harmful travel advice for a few areas in northern Italy, Transavia nevertheless notes that customers postpone booking a flight to the country. Earlier this week, Ryanair announced that it would cancel a quarter of its flights to Italy.

The parent company of Transavia, Air France-KLM, previously announced that the problems surrounding the new coronavirus would take a bite of 150 million to 200 million euros from the operating profit of the first quarter.

This blow is primarily because the group is not flying to China for a while.

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