Sunday, May 26

Again A Trump Republican Challenger Gives Up

Once again a Republican challenger from President Donald Trump throws in the towel. Joe Walsh announced Friday that he would leave the US presidential race after receiving 1.1 percent of Republican voters in the Iowa primaries.


Because of this, Trump has only one Republican opponent left, former Massachusetts state governor Bill Weld. He received 1.3 percent of the votes in Iowa.

Walsh, a presenter of a conservative radio show and former Republican legislator of the state of Illinois, is an outspoken critic of Trump.

“I started my campaign because I thought it was important that there was a Republican who says every day how unsuitable Trump is for the presidency,” Walsh said in an interview with CNN on Friday. He also said that he would vote for a Democrat in November.

Although more than half of Americans consider Trump unsuitable as president, he remains popular among Republican voters.

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