Thursday, July 25

11 Dead and 1 Missing in Flooding in Northern Turkey

In northern Turkey, heavy rains and floods have killed 11 people, and one person is missing. The Turkish government has reported this. Several people were also injured.


The coastal provinces of Bartin, Kastamonu and Samsun on the Black Sea have been hit by heavy rainfall. The rain caused flooding that completely flooded streets. Cars were dragged and houses destroyed. Several roads were closed, and four bridges collapsed, Turkish disaster relief agency AFAD reported. Dozens of villages are also without electricity.

Helicopters rush to evacuate the people who had climbed onto their roofs. The Turkish government has evacuated a total of about 900 people.

Less rain is forecast in the coming days. The Turkish Black Sea area is more frequently affected by heavy rainfall and flooding. Floods in the eastern coastal province of Rize on the Black Sea killed at least six people last month.

Meanwhile, Turkey in the south is ravaged by extreme heat and severe forest fires. More than 200 fires have raged in the country since July 28. At least eight people and numerous animals were killed. Thousands of residents had to flee the fierce fires.

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