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What’s A Cable Grommet and What are Its Features?

How many of you have sound knowledge of cable grommet? Well, many people don’t know much about them. A grommet is an eyelet placed in a hole to protect or insulate a rope or cable passed through it. Grommets can be made of plastic or metal, which protects cables from scratches or chemical accidents.

These cable grommets are available in different types in the market, such as round grommet wooden grommet, stainless steel grommet, oval grommet, and many more. All of us have heard about the cable port, so; we can say that these grommets are the alternative term for these. Conventional grommets are generally made up of plastic. These conventional grommets come in different shapes and sizes.

Whenever you think of buying a cable grommet, then the first thing to consider is the shape. You can go for a round shape which is very common. Except this, rectangular, oval, and square shape is also available to choose from. If your worktop already has the hole, then you can go for any shape accordingly. The choice can vary according to the style to want to give to your worktop. Having drilled in the worktop makes it easy to choose the shape, but if you don’t have a hole, you can go for the shape suitable for your desk. The second thing to consider is the diameter and size of the cable port.

Now let’s move on to the features of the cable grommet.


Before purchasing one for your work desk, you must know what features the cable grommet needs to have. These grommets come in various features, and some are given below:

  • Wooden Feature: These ports are basically the idea for the conventional wooden desktops. These features come in natural wooden finishes. They look good as compared to the other ones like traditional metal or plastic ports.
  • Brush-Lined Features: If you are looking for some grommet that works to protect you from any kind of damage, then this is the best option. Brush-lined ports are found on access plates. These features are generally found in brush floor grommets.
  • Flex Features: These grommets are durable as they use a flexible PVC top. Flex ports with PVC top allow plugs, cables, and wires to pass through. Flex ports are also known as the vent port.
  • Modular Sets: to avoid any kind of hanging loss, this feature works. Some desk grommets or port comes in modular features. They are linked directly with the cable snake on the desk’s underside.

Many people get confused with cable ports and desk grommets, but cable ports and desk grommets are the same. Next time, when you want a desktop for your office or home, these grommets will definitely enhance the desk’s look. Grommets come in different shapes, sizes, styles as well as features. Never get confused as they are different in their terms; remember, they are equal. With these grommets, your table looks tidy and well organized.

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