Wednesday, May 29

Vaccination Obligation Austria Will Also Apply to Many Teenagers

The planned vaccination obligation in Austria will apply to children from 14 years of age. In addition, the government of the Alpine country wants to oblige residents to be vaccinated against the coronavirus from February.


Anyone who refuses to do so risks a fine of up to 3600 euros, Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein confirmed at a press conference.

The general vaccination obligation is one of the strictest measures taken in Europe to increase the vaccination rate. The measures still have to be approved by the country’s parliament of approximately 9 million inhabitants, but there seems to be sufficient support there. Furthermore, the government of Austria has consistently emphasized that vaccine refusers are not detained.

Constitutional Affairs Minister Karoline Edtstadler said more than a million Austrians had not been vaccinated. “That’s too much,” she emphasized. An age limit of 14 years for compulsory vaccination had already been expected. However, Edtstadler previously said in the media that according to lawyers, it would be difficult to introduce such a rule for children who are even younger.

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