Thursday, July 25

Trump’s Lead in Georgia Declined Further

President Donald Trump’s lead over his Democratic challenger Joe Biden in the crucial swing state of Georgia (16 electors) has shrunk further.


CNN reports that Biden is just over 18,500 votes behind Trump in the state. Earlier in the morning, Trump defended a 24,000 vote lead, according to The New York Times, and several media outlets reported that the Republican had 100,000 more voters by midnight.

According to various American media, Biden owes his catch-up to votes from Atlanta and the surrounding area, where many Democrats live. However, votes are also expected from rural areas where many people are expected to vote for Trump.

96 percent of the votes have now been counted in Georgia. Trump stands at 49.6 percent and Biden at 49.2 percent in various counts. If the difference between the candidates is 0.5 percent or less, a recount can be requested in the state that went to Trump in 2016.

Trump previously announced that he is going to court in Georgia, among other places, to prevent ballots sent by post that were received too late from being counted. In Georgia, only postal votes are counted that are received no later than 7:00 p.m. on election day.

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