Thursday, May 23

The Stock Exchanges in New York Started New Trading Day With Profits

The stock exchanges in New York alternately started the new trading day on Thursday.


The indicators on Wall Street received some support from encouraging economic data on the number of new unemployment benefits.

Carmaker Tesla was a striking winner after reports that a buyer has already been found for all cars to be made in the current quarter. Tesla then gained 1.1 percent in stock market value.

The Dow Jones index further tightened its record set on Wednesday. The indicator rose 0.3 percent to 34,323 points. The broad S&P 500 gained 0.1 percent to 4172 points, also approaching its all-time high.

Tech gauge Nasdaq lost 0.1 percent in early trading to 13,571 points. The number of new unemployment benefits came to 498,000 last week from 590,000 a week earlier.

This carried the number of applications to the lowermost level in more than a year.

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