Wednesday, May 29

The European Union Wants to Enter into A Dialogue With the United States and China

The European Union wants to enter into a particular dialogue with the United States and China.


“Our special cooperation is crucial,” said EU foreign chief Josep Borrell after video talks of EU foreign ministers with their US counterpart Mike Pompeo.

The US insists that the EU speak out more forcefully against, among other things, the security law that gives Beijing more power in Hong Kong. Still, Borrell does not want to take one side because China is also a valuable partner.

According to him, it is difficult to find the right balance. The EU and China will hold summits next week.

Close cooperation with the US is needed, especially around Hong Kong, said Borrell, who, despite all kinds of disagreements with the Trump administration, wants to continue to focus entirely on the transatlantic bond.

He stressed the importance of international cooperation to address the corona crisis, criticizing Washington’s announcement for turning its back on the World Health Organization. “Global problems need global solutions.”

The EU must continue to steer its own course and not get caught up in the increasingly fierce battle between the two superpowers for global hegemony, says Borrell.

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