Thursday, May 23

Production Stop at Car Manufacturer Audi Again Due to Chip Shortages

German automaker Audi is again shutting down production lines at factories due to the lack of computer chips that the global auto industry has been struggling with for some time.


According to Audi, this will result in short-time working for approximately 10,000 employees.

This concerns production at the main factory in Ingolstadt, in the German state of Bavaria, which will be shut down until the end of this month. At the plant in nearby Neckarsulm, production is shut down for a few days.

According to the subsidiary of Volkswagen, several thousand fewer cars will be produced as a result. In the first half of this year, Audi says it could already build 50,000 fewer cars due to shortages of parts, despite the high demand.

In July, Audi’s finance director warned that further production disruptions could occur in August and September due to the lack of parts. The company uses chips as much as possible for the most profitable models and cars with the lowest emissions.

Other large car groups such as Volkswagen, Daimler, General Motors (GM), Ford Motor and Toyota Motor have also had to interrupt production this year due to these shortages.

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