Wednesday, May 29

Over-the-Air Updates for Electric Volkswagens

Volkswagen wants to evolve into a software-oriented mobility provider and already offers over-the-air updates for the electric ID.3, ID.4 and ID.4 GTX. So is the car becoming more of a smartphone on four wheels?


Volkswagen wants to accelerate its transformation into a software-oriented mobility provider with the Accelerate strategy. Therefore, from now on, all IDs models will receive regular software updates in a mobile way, just as is already happening with smartphones and computers. However, the updates in the test phase were only available to customers who were registered in the so-called ‘ID.

First Movers Club’. The ‘ID. Software 2.3’ offers new functions and optimizes existing ones in the electric Volkswagens. With the connectivity of the entire ID. fleet, Volkswagen is creating the basis for new customer-oriented business models in which connectivity is central.

“With the full availability of our over-the-air updates, we are not only underlining the innovative strength of Volkswagen but are now also creating the foundation for a completely new, digital customer experience,” said Volkswagen CEO Ralf Brandstätter. foundation for new digital business models, reaching an important milestone in our Accelerate strategy.”

In the future, the company plans to provide its customers with free software approximately every 12 weeks to keep the vehicles up to date and improve the customer experience. Volkswagen also plans to use new, data-based business models to generate more revenue in the use phase with services and features that customers can add as needed. In the future, this could include, for example, the Travel Assist for long distances or better battery performance and, at a later stage, highly automated driving.

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