Saturday, June 15

Norwegian Experts: Blood Clots are Caused by Strong Immune Response

After vaccination with the vaccine from AstraZeneca, the blood clots maybe because the medicine can cause a powerful immune reaction, leading to blood clots.


Scientists at Oslo University Hospital say that is the cause of the reports that several countries have suspended the use of the vaccine as a precaution.

The immune response produces antibodies that activate platelets and cause blood clots, said researcher Pål Andre Holme. Because these antibodies are on the surface, they are removed from the circulation, and patients experience a platelet deficiency. “This is a reaction that we know, but with other drugs as triggering cause,” said Holme.

In Norway, three nurses were hospitalized last week after showing a combination of blood clots and platelet deficiency. One of them later died. Cases of blood clots have also been reported following the AstraZeneca vaccine administration in other European countries.

Norway is one of the European countries that suspended the vaccination campaign with AstraZeneca. The EMA will issue new advice on the vaccine on Thursday afternoon.

Experts from the European Medicines Agency said on Tuesday that they had found no evidence to suggest that AstraZeneca’s corona vaccine causes problems with blood clotting.

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