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Heavy Rain Floods Emergency Tents in Turkish Disaster Area: Disaster Still Continues

Heavy rains in southeastern Turkey, where tens of thousands of people died after major earthquakes last month, are now causing inconvenience to survivors. Water has entered tents assigned to displaced people in Iskenderun, Hatay province.

The DHA news agency reports this.

Opposition politician Canan Kaftancioglu shared a video on Twitter showing a woman crying with a floor squeegee, trying to get the water out of her tent. Kaftancioglu denounces that people are still not housed in containers more than a month after the earthquake. She also said that there are still those who do not have tents. “After the disaster, the disaster continues,” she wrote.

Five weeks ago, earthquakes in the Syrian-Turkish border area killed more than 48,000 people in Turkey alone. As a result, hundreds of thousands are homeless and are housed in emergency shelters such as tents.

Container cities are gradually replacing tents. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had also promised to rebuild houses in the earthquake zone within the year.

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