Thursday, May 23

Government Hopes for A Solid Brexit Compensation for Fishermen

The cabinet hopes to collect a considerable amount to compensate fishermen for the damage they have suffered due to the Brexit agreement.


That says Minister Stef Blok of Foreign Affairs.

The European Commission has already set aside 600 million euros in advance for fishermen in the affected countries on the North Sea. The Netherlands should receive a significant share of this.

The 600 million euros is part of a special “adjustment fund” that has been created. Countries and sectors that will be hit hard by the switch to the new cooperation with the British can call on it.

Blok admitted that the agreement hit fishermen hard. He does point to the adjustment fund, which he believes offers opportunities. “It is, therefore, the Dutch commitment to getting a very substantial part of it, in line with the considerable damage that Dutch fishermen also incur.”

It will only become more explicit about the distribution of the 5 billion that the European Commission has set aside in total.

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