Wednesday, May 29

Gas Prices Fall Slightly After Nord Stream Gas Supply Resumes

Gas prices have fallen slightly as Russia returns to sending gas to Europe via the Nord Stream gas pipeline.


Immediately at the opening of the leading gas exchange in Amsterdam, the price fell to 6.5 percent but recovered slightly. Around 8:15 am, gas was just under 4 percent cheaper per megawatt hour.

Nord Stream gas pipeline, which rounds under the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany, has been closed for scheduled maintenance for the past week and a half. It was then eagerly anticipated whether Russia would reopen the gas tap after the maintenance was completed.

In the first hour, 30 percent of the normal amount of gas came from Russia, but the gas supply gradually increased. From the orders for the gas supply, it can be concluded that Russia wants to send 40 percent of the usual amount of gas, just as much as for maintenance.

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