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Financial Position Pension Funds Stable In June

Financial position Pension Funds Stable in June. The financial position of the Dutch pension funds remained stable in June compared to the previous month.


According to research agency Aon, the funds had to deal with minimal movements in interest rates and terms of their investments. Resulted in the so-called funding ratio at the same level.

This indicator, which shows the extent to which the funds can meet their responsibilities, averaged 111 per cent last month.

Means that the Dutch pension sector is still not out of trouble. Many funds do not expect to be able to increase their pensions in the coming years. The chance of discounts is still in the air.

In The Hague, the social partners have been working for a long time on a large-scale improvement of the pension system. But that process does not want to run smoothly.

“Not possible to ignore a new pension system,” says Aon director Frank Driessen. ” With every day’s postponement, trust in the government shrinks, and the social emotions start to flare up. ”

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