Thursday, July 25

US Police Officer Shoots Black Man in Front of Sons

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA, riots broke out after a police officer shot a black man yesterday.


The man, Jacob Blake, was hit by multiple bullets at close range after police arrived on the scene for reports of domestic violence. The agents involved have been temporarily suspended.

Blake has been hospitalized in a worrying condition. He would have been unarmed and shot in the back, trying to get into a car.

According to a bystander, the man had previously wanted to calm an argument between two women.

There were disturbances in Kenosha immediately after the incident last night. Hundreds of people went to the police station and bombarded the police with stones and Molotov cocktails.

They caused a lot of destruction. A nightly curfew has been imposed in its place, but according to local media, the unrest lasted well into the night.

A video circulating on Facebook shows the man walking from the passenger side of a car to the driver’s side. Just as he was about to get in, one of the police officers grabbed his T-shirt and opened fire.

Seven gunshots can be heard. The victim’s family has hired a lawyer. He tells CNN that Blake’s children were in the car when their father was shot.

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