Saturday, June 15

The Rise of Entrepreneur Frankie Quiroz

How this eCommerce Journey Started?

Since childhood, I haven’t got much, as I always expected. Yet, I always dreamt of making a life that will keep me happy as well as safeguard my family financially. And entrepreneurship is the ultimate answer to all that I require. This is the only way that I considered to keep me going, helping others simultaneously.

Is it Possible to amplify a business through social media?

Undoubtedly yes. I believe that social media is the most reliable option to build a brand in today’s’ digital world. I consider it as a tool to make brands. However, premier Social media marketing is essential for this.

Why do you consider getting into the clothing industry?

Since an early age, I am a fan of streetwear and fashion; however, the idea of having my brand sprouted through skateboarding. Since then, I mugged myself in every possible way to get into this business. I acknowledge that everything on this planet, including graffiti, music, etc. can bring all together on one platform through clothing.

Tell us about your feeling after having 30+ million followers.

As mentioned earlier, social media is the most essential tool to populate your product and build a brand. Yet, using this audience in the right way is necessary. We prefer using social media to promote new products as it delivers the results quickly.

What’s your inspiration for starting YouTube & Facebook Groups

In my initial days of entrepreneurship, I find it hard to earn knowledge about the industry and the right blueprint to start my own clothing venture. Similarly, every single person needs a mentor to become an entrepreneur. Through YouTube and FB Groups, all I can do is helping the needy. The most significant part is, I don’t charge anything in return to my knowledge. This makes me an open book for struggling entrepreneurs.

Do you want to share any advice for entrepreneurs in the same niche?

Yes, you must acknowledge the fact that industry is growing with time, and hence you should choose the right product to skyrocket your sales, building brand. The only difference between a 1million dollar and a 10 million dollar company is presentation and marketing.

What’s the change that you want to make in your past?

I always feel the same as Drake the rapper has once said: “Sometimes I wish I can go back in time, not to change sh*t, but to relive sh*t twice.”

Your Plans for 2020?

Being married recently (in November), I have landed in a new world. So, 2020 is going to be a significant change in my life. As per business growth is concerned, the discussion with companies in Pakistan and china is ongoing and is expected to close them soon. We are working to make Tuned Tokyo and Drip Creations giants in the industry with new heights.

What source of you will keep us up to date about your life?

As mentioned, I am an open book; I am a big public for everyone. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. So, alongside inspiring others, I will also stay connected with my audience on social media.

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