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New Zealand: Cabinet Approves Amendments on Tighter Gun Laws

New Zealand: Cabinet Approves Amendments on Tighter Gun Laws. After the terrorist and 50 deaths in the Christian Church of New Zealand, the Cabinet reformed the rules of the gun and approved Tighter Gun Laws.


New Zealand Prime Minister Jeddie Alderner addressed a press conference on Monday, saying that the New Zealand Cabinet has decided the principle of change in gun law.

The police said the attacker used military-style weapons that were made specifically for dangerous attacks, and the use of them under the current laws of New Zealand is valid.

After the aggressive incident on March 15, gun law was demanded to improve, where Weszada Jeddra Alderne said that now it is time to act, soon our laws will be changed.

However, during the press conference, he did not explain how reforms would be made, but he said it would be clear by March 25.

Ardney said that the fact is that after one o’clock at midnight, our world had changed and our laws would change.

He said that these reforms would mean that within ten days of the worst incident, the announcement will be announced, which I believe our society will be safe.

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