Thursday, July 25

Iran Has Released Former US Military Man Michael White After 638 Days of Imprisonment

Iran has released former US military man Michael White after 638 days of imprisonment. He is on his way to the United States, his mother has announced.


White was arrested in July 2018 and sentenced to thirteen years’ imprisonment for insulting Iran’s spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

And because he put private information online. That says his lawyer. He was held for 638 days by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, the army of the Islamic republic under Ayatollah.

He was already released for medical reasons in March, White is said to have COVID-19 related complaints, but was not allowed to leave the country yet.

US President Donald Trump announced in a tweet that 48-year-old White had been released. Meanwhile, Trump has also tweeted that the man left Iran on a Swiss plane.

“I will never stop working on the release of all Americans being held hostage abroad!”

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