Sunday, May 26

EU Countries Must Quickly Motivate Citizens Again for Corona Rules

The EU countries must urgently get their population to comply with the corona regulations again, says the European counterpart of the RIVM.


Pandemic fatigue has become a significant threat to the fight against the virus, according to ECDC.

The coronavirus has been spreading again since August, and that new wave has escalated in recent weeks, the ECDC notes.

Citizens have a “key role” in the fight against the pandemic and governments, and health authorities should remind them of this. They have to “re-motivate” their population to adhere to the distance and hygiene rules.

An “urgent call for concerted action” is needed, the ECDC believes. It would be most successful if governments communicate understandably and “speak to citizens in their feelings”.

They need to make it clear that public health, the economy and society will pay the toll if it goes further downhill.

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