Sunday, May 26

Dead in Protest in Minneapolis After Black Man Dies: Why Isn’t Cop in Jail?

For the second night in a row, residents of the American city of Minneapolis have taken to the streets to protest the death of the unarmed black man, George Floyd, after violent police intervention.


During these protests, a fight ensued, and a man was shot dead. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey wonders why the man who killed Floyd isn’t in jail.

President Trump asks the FBI to investigate the matter.

George Floyd, 46, was arrested Monday night by agents from the US city of Minneapolis for resembling the description of a suspect in a forgery case.

Footage filmed by bystanders shows an agent pushing Floyd to the ground with his knee for minutes. Floyd repeatedly indicates that he can no longer breathe, but the agent does not lose his grip.

Not even when bystanders ask the agents to stop. Floyd is taken unconscious to the hospital, where he died.

Police officers had first stated that Floyd resisted the arrest, trying to defend the way they treated the man.

But footage from a surveillance camera from a nearby restaurant, which shows how the officers arrest Floyd, refutes that. The images show that Floyd is not aggressive and does not resist.

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